Why should you go for Custom Cables?

When a cable is specifically designed for a client’s requirements and specifications, it is termed as a custom cables. When specific application needs are not met by standard cables available in the market, it’s a good idea to opt for custom cables. Sometimes slightly altered cables can help meet your configurations and ensure smooth execution of your project.

Perfect design, low cost

The biggest benefit that comes with custom cables is the customization with client’s requirements in mind. This way the application of the final product is perfectly suited to the project’s requirements.

Additionally, you save money by opting for custom cables because you aren’t required to shell out money for redundant elements. Extra time planning and placing the order for custom cables might be the caveat, but it’s well worth the effort. Making sure sufficient time for manufacturing and delivery for timeline of your project is a crucial step.

The design procedure

Several clients have questions with regards to whether custom cables always need to be designed from scratch or not. Well, the answer is no because although they could be, it’s not absolutely necessary. In fact, you could decide to alter an existing product which could eventually end up matching your application needs.

At times, everything needed to enhance cables is to make minor design changes for it to operate like new.


For customized cables, it’s best to sit and work with experts, typically wire and cable manufacturers. This gives you the opportunity to pick out everything on your own-right from the materials to the cable configuration.

There are various cable distributors in Los Angeles who are technical experts in the field and can help. Specifically, Z-Tronix can help choose the kind of conductor material and how to plan the layout of the cable. In addition, adequate information/guidance about best types of insulation and jacketing material for your application is provided. Z-Tronix also assists you with important details regarding protecting the cable to eliminate or reduce signal noise/disturbance.


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Aren’t these good enough reasons to get your own custom cable? Regardless of whether you have made your mind up that we aren’t the right fit for your project, calling, messaging or visiting us today and communicating with one of our engineers, can help with any questions or doubts you can have about the process or burdens that might pop up in the process. Getting a different engineer’s perspective is always great and can help you with your final questions and decision making.