XHHW Building Wire & Cable Standard: UL std. 44

  • Standard. Bare.
  • Cross-linked Polyethylene insulation
  • XHHW Rated temperature: 90 C
  • Rated voltage: 600V
  • Passed VW-1
  • XHHW Application: Can be used for general purpose wiring, for power distribution
    and branch circuit wiring, where a cable having superior flame
    retardance is required.

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SKUGaugeStyle/RatingColorConductorInsulationTemperature RatingVoltage RatingButtonhf:att:pa_gaugehf:att:pa_stylehf:att:pa_colorhf:att:pa_conductorhf:att:pa_insulationhf:att:pa_temperature-ratinghf:att:pa_voltage-rating
WXHHW1027-T0610XHHWGrayTinned CopperTeflon, XLPNo Rating600V
10xhhwgraytinned-copperteflon xlpno-rating600v
WXHHW1027-T6110XHHWGray & White StripeTinned CopperTeflon, XLPNo Rating600V
10xhhwgray-white-stripetinned-copperteflon xlpno-rating600v
WXHHW1419-T0614XHHWGrayTinned CopperTeflon, XLPNo Rating600V
14xhhwgraytinned-copperteflon xlpno-rating600v
WXHHW1819-T0618XHHWGrayTinned CopperTeflon, XLPNo Rating600V
18xhhwgraytinned-copperteflon xlpno-rating600v
WXHHW1819-T6118XHHWGray & White StripeTinned CopperTeflon, XLPNo Rating600V
18xhhwgray-white-stripetinned-copperteflon xlpno-rating600v
WXHHW1819-T6318XHHWGray & Red StripeTinned CopperTeflon, XLPNo Rating600V
18xhhwgray-red-stripetinned-copperteflon xlpno-rating600v
WXHHW1819-T6818XHHWGray & Blue StripeTinned CopperTeflon, XLPNo Rating600V
18xhhwgray-blue-stripetinned-copperteflon xlpno-rating600v