UL Style 5256

UL Style 5256 High Temperature Wire & Cable Standard: UL std 758

image to display Z-Tronix UL 5256 Bulk Wire

  • Solid or Stranded Round. Nickel
  • Non extruded Fiberglass and PTFE / TFE Insulation
  • UL 5256 Rated temperature: 250°C
  • Rated voltage: 600V
  • Passed Horizontal Flame Test
  • UL 5256 Application: Internal Wiring.

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SKUGaugeStyle/RatingColorConductorInsulationTemperature RatingVoltage RatingButtonhf:att:pa_gaugehf:att:pa_stylehf:att:pa_colorhf:att:pa_conductorhf:att:pa_insulationhf:att:pa_temperature-ratinghf:att:pa_voltage-rating
W52561441-N11145256TanNickel PlatedPTFE / TFE, PVC250C600V
145256tannickel-platedptfe-tfe pvc250c600v
W52561816-N11185256TanNickel PlatedPTFE / TFE, PVC250C600V
185256tannickel-platedptfe-tfe pvc250c600v