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UL Style 5107

UL Style 5107 Standard: UL std 758

  • Solid or Stranded for 26 to 8 AWG, Stranded for sizes larger than 8 AWG. Nickel
  • Insulation: Mica tape with braid, mica composite with with braid
  • Rated temperature: 200°C or 450°C
  • Rated voltage: 600V
  • Passed Horizontal Flame Test
  • Application: Internal Wiring of high-temperature equipment where not subjected to repeated flexing and protected from mechanical abuse, and where the acceptability, including current-carrying capacity, has been determined by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
14510741Nickel PlatedMica / Glass, PVCW51071441-N11
18510716Nickel PlatedMica / Glass, PVCW51071816-N11
20510710Nickel PlatedMica / Glass, PVCW51072010-N11