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UL Style 3239

UL Style 3239 Standard: UL std 758

image to display Z-Tronix UL 3239 Bulk Wire

  • Solid or Stranded Round. Tinned and bare copper, Nickel, Silver, Aluminum
  • Insulation: Extruded or non-extruded Thermoplastic and/or Thermosetting
  • Rated temperature: 200°C
  • Rated voltage: 20KV
  • Passed Horizontal flame and VW-1 flame
  • Application: Internal wiring of TV receivers or where the acceptability has been determined by Underwriters Laboratories.
16323926Tinned CopperFEP (modified), PVCW32391626-T01
16323926Tinned CopperFEP (modified), PVCW32391626-T04