PFA Insulated Wire

PFA Insulated Wire & Cable ingredient Perfluoroalkoxy, also known as PFA is categorized as a fluoropolymer. PFA withstand temperatures of up to 260°C, making it an ideal insulation material for high-temperature settings and applications. PFA offers high chemical resistance in addition to outstanding temperature ratings. PFA insulated wire is commonly used as a thermocouple wire, but it may also be used in military and aerospace applications. It comes in two forms: extruded and foamed.

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SKUGaugeStyle/RatingColorConductorInsulationTemperature RatingVoltage RatingButtonhf:att:pa_gaugehf:att:pa_stylehf:att:pa_colorhf:att:pa_conductorhf:att:pa_insulationhf:att:pa_temperature-ratinghf:att:pa_voltage-rating
W103622219-T092210362BlackTinned CopperPFA80C
W19111819-N01181911WhiteNickel PlatedPFA250C25KV
W19111819-N04181911OrangeNickel PlatedPFA250C25KV
W19111819-N09181911BlackNickel PlatedPFA250C25KV
W19112007-N01201911WhiteNickel PlatedPFA250C25KV
W19112019-N01201911WhiteNickel PlatedPFA250C25KV
W19112019-N04201911OrangeNickel PlatedPFA250C25KV
W19112207-N08221911BlueNickel PlatedPFA250C25KV