Comparing Wires to Wires: UL 3231 VS UL 3214

by | Mar 11, 2022

Comparing WIres to Wires

UL 3231 VS UL 3214

At Z-Tronix Inc., the portfolio of high-temperature wires is vast and includes UL 3231 and UL 3214. Both are made to endure extreme temperatures and have a wide range of uses in the industrial, commercial and residential settings such as ovens and dryers. Although both wires often interlap in many areas, major contrasts do exist. 

UL 3214 Wire 

Because of the silicone rubber insulation UL 3214 wire is manufactured with, the wire is not only malleable and strong, but also durable. Due to what was previously stated, industries such as the automotive, lighting and power cord, take advantage of this and apply it towards motors, engines, lighting fixtures and switches. In a residential context, one can see UL 3214 utilized in stoves, lighting equipment, medical and electronic products. This wire design enables for a superior, homogeneous, malleable and circular composition.  

Image to display UL 3214
image to display UL 3231

UL 3231 Wire  

Similarly, UL 3231 is too meant to be malleable and long-lasting and can be proven by its resistance to chemical substances and fungus. In addition, UL 3231 does not contain chlorine or other halogens and is proven to have strong electrical qualities. Wiring within electrical applications, which is generally located in risky settings, is one of the primary uses of UL 3231. Nevertheless, it is presenting residential settings such as dryers and other domestic equipment. In addition, it can be found in the medical industry in applications such as ventilators. 

UL 3231 and UL 3214 Specifications

UL 3231 UL 3214
Construction Silicone Rubber Silicone Rubber
Temp. Resistance 200°C 150°C
Volt Resistance 600V 600V
Conductor Metal Tinned Annealed Copper  Tinned Copper
Insulation Silicone Rubber Silicone Rubber


 As observed, the structure and uses of UL 3214 and UL 3231 are alike. Though alike, distinctions do exist that one must be aware of before acquiring which can be cleared by a Z-Tronix wire and cable expert. In addition to their capabilities, both wires can be utilized in substitution of not only high temp lead wire but also construction wire and can be seen housed by motorcycles, domestic appliances, lighting fixtures and electrical leads. 

Z-Tronix Inc. UL 3231 and UL 3214 Wire & Cable Solutions

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