Cable Assemblies

Z-Tronix offers custom designing, prototyping, manufacturing and testing of cable assemblies tailored specifically to your project’s configuration or requirements. Explore solutions for your project with a Z-Tronix custom cable assembly expert today.

Z-Tronix can help when it comes to anything wire and cable related, as we are capable of manufacturing multi-cable configurations in a variety of ways to meet the need of certain configurations as well as the customers’ needs/demands.

In short, the assembling of cables is comprised of one or multiple (plug or connector-ended cable and/or wires) that are typically in junction by a thermoplastic or vinyl-covered sleeve that house every single conducting component. The final objective being able to plug connect or even link terminals to electronics such as panel displays and LED lighted products.

Similarly, to the harnessing of wires, the assembling of cables is meant to be the link between an electrical source to an electricity-powered item. Some of the most common examples Z-Tronix works with are: power cords, antenna cabling and A/V cabling. In short, a cable assembly is meant to plug, connect or link one or more cables by a sleeve, which differs by use and application, to ultimately power for example an electric car with a power outlet.

To learn more how Z-Tronix can help you with your custom cable assembly, contact us now and speak with a customer service representative today.

Custom Cable Assembly

  • Agricultural Cable Assemblies
  • Appliance Cable Assemblies
  • Automotive Cable Assemblies
  • Battery Cable Assemblies
  • Electronic Cable Assemblies
  • Factory Automation Cable Assemblies
  • Gas Grill Cable Assemblies
  • Heating & AC (HVAC) Cable Assemblies
  • Industrial Cable Assemblies
  • Lighting Cable Assemblies
  • Marine Cable Assemblies
  • Medical Cable Assemblies
  • Network Cable Assemblies
  • Pool & Spa Cable Assemblies
  • RF Cable Assemblies
  • Telecommunications Cable Assemblies
  • And many more industries…
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    “Customer service is very responsive and takes time to take our requests into consideration. Overall satisfied with the products provided.”

    Z-Tronix Customer in the Lighting industry


    How and what is accounted for in a quotation for a cable assembly from Z-Tronix?

    At Z-Tronix, the quotations for custom wire and cables include not only information regarding our products and services further determinants, but also how they will suit unique customer requirements. Additionally, we’ll also make recommendations regarding materials that may be the perfect fit for your specific project demands. These suggestions will be based on: 

    • Bill of Materials 
    • Sample of product 
    • CAD drawing or equivalent 
    • Estimated annual usage (EAU) 
    • Engineering point of contact 
    • Buyer point of contact 
      Is it possible to provide a prototype if I don't possess the specs for the cable assembly I'm looking for?

       If you have a prototype, physical or drawing, of the custom cable configuration you desire, please contact our customer service representatives to inquire about sending the product to our samples department, so they can dissect the drawing and or physical product and create a Bill of Materials. When completing a Request for Quote form, if possible, please attach any photos, as well as other related or useful information and details you may have about the devices it will power. 

      Do you offer inventory management?

      Looking to maximize your inventory? Or if avoiding foreseeable costs and storage issues is a priority, with Z-Tronix’s Vendor-Managed Inventory programs, all of this can be achieved!

      Over the past decades, Z-Tronix has become the dependable source for its customers when it comes inventory solutions due to cost-savings and convenience. Z-Tronix has assisted countless companies from diverse sectors and industries. No matter how big or small, Z-Tronix can and will help you find the best VMI solution to fit your demands.

      Due to the vast industry experience and knowledge Z-Tronix has acquired over decades, the following Vendor-Managed Inventory programs have been strategically developed to assist our fellow customers specific and most common needs:

      ·         Periodic Inventory Usage Analysis

      ·         Inventory Consignment Program

      ·         Just In Time (JIT)

      ·         Min/Max Replenishment Program

      ·         KANBAN

      Call us today and speak with one of our representatives to learn more about what your needs are, and how Z-Tronix can assist you with Vendor–Managed Inventory Solutions.

      Does Z-Tronix have an order minimum?

      Yes, a $250 order minimum is applied regardless of quantity.

      Do Z-Tronix's cable assemblies comply with RoHS, UL, C-UL and CSA?

      Yes! As an industry leader, Z-Tronix complies with industry requirements for cable assemblies as well as all of our productsnot only in the USA but internationally 

      I will need custom colors for my cables, can Z-Tronix do this for me?

      Yes! Z-Tronix can help you choose from a wide array of colors to fulfill your needs and demands. 

      I need my cable assembly rushed, what can I do?

      At Z-Tronix we know emergencies and/or supply chain demands can change at any given moment. In the event you need your custom cable harnesses rushed, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service representative. Our business hours are Monday – Friday, 7:00 AM – 3:30 PM Pacific Standard Time. 

      In terms of cable assemblies, or other custom assemblies, what are Z-Tronix's manufacturing capabilities?

      If you need a custom cable assembly, Z-Tronix’s capabilities are virtually limitless. In our extensive history we’ve managed to work and continue to work with: 

      • Automotive Cable Assemblies 
      • Medical Cable Assemblies  
      • Copper Cable Assemblies 
      • Battery Cable Assemblies 
      • Electronic Cable Assemblies 
      • Network Cable Assemblies 
      • RF Cable Assemblies 
      • Agricultural Cable Assemblies 
      • Spliced Cable Assemblies 
      • Soldered Cable Assemblies  
      • Ribbon Cable Assemblies 
      • Fan, Blower and Motor Assemblies  
      • Electromechanical Subassemblies  
      • Box Build Assemblies