Custom Medical Manufacturing Solutions

Quality custom medical wire harnesses and cable assemblies must be capable of enduring critical conditions, high temperature and wearing in order to be employed in the medical industry.

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Custom Medical Solutions

Apart from custom engineering, design, prototype, manufacturing and product management solutions, Z-Tronix also offers different phase testing to guarantee quality of any and all medical electronic components such as cable assemblies, wire harnesses, pcb assemblies and medical/hospital grade power cords by ISO, IPC, UL, RoHS and RC standards and certifications.
Solutions for:

  • Ultrasound Machines
  • Oxygen Machines
  • Patient Monitors
  • Electrosurgical Units
  • Defibrillators
  • Circulatory Assist machines
  • X-Ray and MRI Machines

As medical facilities look for methods to attend to more patients, capacity as a result seems to decrease. As a result, cable assemblies with simplified characteristics have been developed without compromising compliance. Because of its endurance and resistance to deforming and twisting, bespoke contractible cables have proven useful in medical settings.

In addition, among all industries and applications, perhaps with along with transportation, the medical industry products must yield little to no possibility of error. To provide the best welfare for patients, equipment must always function properly. Personnel at medical facilities in charge of purchasing must choose cables that can withstand the rigors of healthcare facilities.

Custom Medical Solution Standards & Regulations

Just like the automotive industry, medical equipment must meet a wide range of stringent industry standards set by a number of organizations. Medical equipment should be capable of withstanding consistent sterilizing treatments in order to meet hygienic requirements. With this said, manufacturers of medical equipment should install cable assemblies and wire harnesses that can withstand the inspection and performance of medical equipment standards.

  • UL Green Dot

What Can Z-Tronix Do For You?

Hospital Grade Power Cords (Green Dot): Power cords specifically used away from patients, but in the same building.

Medical Grade Power Cords (Green Dot): Power cords specifically used in and around patient care areas.

Retractable Cords: Z-Tronix’s retractable cords help medical facilities save space and reduce risk of injury and fall through its retractable feature. The retractable feature allows for stretch of cable only for necessary amount of time being used and pulled, and returning to its curled state once it is not being used.

Custom Cable Assemblies: Z-Tronix’s custom cable assemblies are manufactured with quality and certified materials to specific configuration and application.

Custom Wire Harnesses: Z-Tronix’s custom wire harnesses are manufactured with quality and certified materials to specific configuration and application.

Custom Wire & Cable Coatings & Jacketing: Z-Tronix’s coats and jackets wires and cables to increase the success of the wire in risk settings where water, oil, temperature, moisture or wear is involved.

Z-Tronix’s Custom Medical & Hospital Solutions

At Z-Tronix we aren’t just an outsourcer or supplier, we are an extension of your company, and we mean this. We know the name of your company means quality and carries history and we want to add to that through quality wire harnesses, cable assemblies, power cords, magnetic components, pcb and pcb assemblies. To assist with your medical solution needs, we have listed popular UL certified bulk medical and hospital grade Hook Up & Lead Wire as well as Portable Service Cord types below:

Bulk Portable Service Cord commonly used in the Medical Industry:

In the same manner, if specific bulk medical and hospital grade wire and cable spools is what you need, they can be ordered based on styles, gauge (AWG), conductor stranding, temperature rating, voltage, color, insulation and conductor material here.


Image to describe logo of ISO 9001:2015 Certification stamp
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Z-Tronix Inc. Hosts Weidmuller

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Let’s Build Something Together

Contact Z-Tronix for your project requirements. No job is too big or small.


Capabilities & Benefits

  • Rate 15k components per hour
  • 0201 capabilities
  • Quick-turn prototypes
  • Quality IPC-610
  • RoHS and PB Solder
  • Hand soldering capability
  • Turn key and consignment option

UL Standard

  • Custom Power Cords
  • North American Power Cords
  • International Power Cords
  • Medical Grade Power Cords


  • Custom Marking
  • Coiling
  • Kitting
  • Custom Marking
  • Custom Labeling
  • Cut & Marked Tubing
  • Re-Spooling
  • Twisting
  • Stripe & Dye

VMI Programs

  • Periodic Inventory Usage Analysis
  • Inventory Consignment Program
  • Just In Time (JIT)
  • Min/Max Replenishment Program


  • Minimize Lead Time
  • Avoid Stock Outs
  • Custom package quantity
  • Increased Order Accuracy
  • Consignment
  • Periodic Usage Analysis


  • Automotive Assemblies & Harnesses
  • Appliance Assemblies & Harnesses
  • Medical Assemblies & Harnesses
  • Battery Assemblies and Harnesses
  • Electronic Assemblies & Harnesses
  • Factory Automation Assemblies & Harnesses
  • Gas Grill Assemblies & Harnesses
  • Heating Assemblies & Harnesses
  • Industrial Assemblies & Harnesses
  • Lighting Assemblies & Harnesses
  • Marine Assemblies & Harnesses
  • Network Assemblies & Harnesses
  • Pool & Spa Assemblies & Harnesses
  • RF Assemblies & Harnesses
  • Telecommunications Assemblies & Harnesses
  • Agricultural Assemblies & Harnesses
  • Fan, Blower and Motor Assemblies & Harnesses
  • And many more industries…


  • Total Quality Management
  • Dedicated Support
  • Volume Production
  • Quick Turnaround
  • Engineering Services
  • UL Certified
  • Custom Interconnect Design & Productiom

Capabilities & Specifications

  • Transformers
    • Low Frequency Transformers
    • High Frequency Transformers (EE, EF, EFD, ETD, RM, EQ, ER, POT/CUT and more.)
    • Toroidal Transformers
    • Planar Transformers
  • Inductors
    • Custom Inductors
    • Toroidal Power Inductors
    • Brick Type Power Inductors
    • Rod Inductors
    • Air coils
  • Common Mode Chokes
    • Toroidal Single Phase CMC’s Ferrite & Nanocrystalline
    • Toroidal Three Phase CMC’s Ferrite and Nanocrystalline
    • Multi Line Chokes
    • Custom Mode Chokes
    • Mega 1 and 3 Ø Common Mode Chokes
  • Magnetic Cores

      2000 < µi < 10000 



      30 000 <µi< 80000

      Round and Oval shapes 

  • Magnetic Lighting Drivers