Comparing Cables to Cables: SJTOW VS SJOOW

by | Oct 7, 2021

Comparing Cables to Cables


In today’s match off, we have decided to line up two bulk portable cords ( SJTOW and SJOOW ) that are similar but have differences that can help each other thrive in specific situations such as commercial, industrial, indoor, outdoor and residential settings. Although both bulk cables can be used in the same general settings, they differ as for what uses in those settings. 

Take SJTOW for example. SJTOW is generally used in applications of light duty portable cordage of tools, dishwashers/appliances, medical equipment and office machinery.  

S: Service Cord 

J: Junior Service 

T: Thermoplastic 

O: Oil-Resistant Outer Jacket 

W: Weather Resistant 

Now take SJOOW. While SJOOW is generally used in extra hard duty settings where industrial equipment, heavy tools, battery chargers, portable lights, welding leads, marine dockside power, power extensions and mining applications are present.

S: Service Cord 

J: Junior Service 

OO: Oil-Resistant Insulation and Outer Jacket 

W: Weather Resistant 

Due to the fact that these flexible cords letters overlap, its fairly simple to notice their resemblance. Let us start by explaining the significance of each letter. While the S refers to it being a Service Cord, while the J refers to Junior Service Cord implying they’re rated at 300 volts meaning they’re designed to be used for light duty applications rather than heavy duty use. The O and W, an overlapping feature refer to the cable being proof against the elements it will be exposed to. 

It must be stated that the cable structure differs in two major ways. The T in SJTOW denotes that not only the jacket, but the insulation are both composed of thermoplastic materials. The OO in SJOOW denotes oil-resistance in not only the insulation but the jacket as well. Since the SJOOW does not have the T, it is assumed that rubber was utilized in replacement of thermoplastic in the cable structure. 

Considering that both bulk portable cords are malleable, the insulation and coating made up of EPDM and neoprene of the SJOOW bulk portable cable increases its malleability. The SJTOW on the other hand, thanks to its thermoplastic features, is built to last and be durable. While these cables are very alike and they may be used for same purposes the structure of the SOOW is appropiate for heavy duty use. For more information on differences of SOOW and SJOOW cables consider calling and speaking with a Z-Tronix bulk wire and cable today.