Comparing Insulations to Insulations: Cable Shield VS Cable Armoring

by | Dec 27, 2021

Comparing Insulations to Insulations

Cable Shield VS Cable Armoring

In today’s comparing segment we shine the spotlight on two particular materials that to the eye, look quite identical yet they don’t yield identical results. At times, some might confuse one with the other or use both words simultaneously; but although both are made up of metal, are looped over a cable’s components and maintain the cable’s inside structure in place, they serve different functions and are meant for different applications. Now, what are those functions and what applications do they serve? 

Cable Shields 

Cable shields are metal shields that sit in the middle of the conductor (wires inside a cable) and the jacket of the cable (the external covering of a cable). Wire and cable manufacturers typically produce cable shields with metallic components such as aluminum, copper and steel, all of which are not only excellent conductors of electricity but also shield what is commonly referred to as ‘noise’ to protect interior conductor signaling from exterior cable signaling and disturbance, a problem commonly encountered across industries. Cable shields enable the cables to operate and perform its duties successfully as well as effectively without signal interruption. 

Cable Armoring 

Cable Armoring is meant to physically protect the cable’s interior components with the metallic film looped around typically constructed of copper or aluminum. Cable armoring is typically utilized in difficult locations, such as commercial structures and subterranean constructions where the cable armoring must be robust, solid and capable of protecting the cable’s interior components from being smashed or harmed by any surrounding components. Wire and cable experts typically do not recommend utilizing armored cables when not required, despite the fact that it can help against signaling interruption. 

Cable Shields versus Cable Armoring 

Although cable shields as well as cable armoring provide diverse and vital reasons for usage in cable, not every cable contains them individually or simultaneously. At times, cables don’t always require increased impregnability of the armor, all contingent on the utilization setting, cable preference and application served. Similarly, cable shielding can be unnecessary if the cable is segregated or far from other producers of electro impulses. 

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