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In 2006, the European Union approved the EC 1907/2006 regulation designed to promote and safeguard public and ecosystem wellbeing from dangerous and hazardous substances. 

REACH, what does it mean? 

The REACH Regulation, which establishes criteria for Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and restriction of CHemicals was implemented in 2018. 

The rule placed the responsibility for substance hazard administration on producers, based on the principle of “no data, no market”. Manufacturing companies must collect data of all the substances utilized, record and submit the data to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) with the intention to ship in and out products into EU. 

REACH has a wide range of objectives. They are to: 

      • Create a directory of all substances utilized within, as well as shipped to the European continent. 
      • Determine whether the compounds have any negative effects on the public’s well-being or ecosystems. 
      • Allow permitted substances and implement safeguards for those that pose risks. 
      • Assist in the gradual substitution of hazardous substances. 
      • Substances that offer an undesirable danger should be restricted, limited or banned.  
      • Encourage the use of risk evaluation models that don’t require wildlife experimentation. 

These goals will be achieved by filling existing gaps regarding the vast amount of substance compounds developed or introduced into the EU commerce. As a result, will enable the ECHA to formulate informed judgements on chemical limits, as well as people to make informed choices regarding goods purchased and utilized. 

    How Will The Reach Regulation Influence Z-Tronix 

    The Reach Regulation, established in the EU and applied by the EU initially, is not just applicable to substance producers and distributors but to all sectors, producers or distributors whose goods include or are manufactured using toxic substances. This not only comprises wire and cable but also electronic devices that Z-Tronix Inc. manufactures. 

    Z-Tronix Inc. is technically exempt from following the REACH Regulation’s suggestion, regulations, or directives because Z-Tronix is not a part of the EU. Despite this, we continue to strive to ensure Z-Tronix goods fulfill REACH certifications. 

    Z-tronix Inc.’s Electromechanical Solutions

    To learn more about the current certifications we have and quality management systems we comply to, call us at 562-808-0800 or email us at info@z-tronix.com and speak with one of our electromechanical solution experts or engineers today.