Applications Where Wire Harness & Cable Assemblies Are Found In

by | Oct 4, 2022

It is more than probable that if one takes an intricate electrical product system apart, a wire harness or cable assembly will be present. Wire harnesses and cable assemblies are used to group and safeguard electrical conductors. With the prime objective to significantly enhance a specific system’s performance, Z-Tronix wire harnesses are made custom to your application and product demands.

Wire Harnesses, what exactly are they?

Wire harnesses are a collection of wire and cable along with accessories used to wrap, reinforce and arrange them. The components that maintain wire and cable situated ideally to distribute signals are ties, sleeving and tape. A wire harness is utilized to streamline connections into modules and are developed depending on not only electric but also physical specifications of the project.

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In What Industries and Applications are Wire Harnesses and Cable Assemblies Found In?

There are numerous problems in electrical systems that a wire harness addresses. Wire harnesses simplify the connection and assembly of sophisticated systems through the integration of numerous discrete wire components. Simultaneously, a harness protects cable and wire by avoiding undesired flexing and by shielding bundles from the exterior elements.

This bundle of advantages signifies that cable assemblies and wire harnesses are employed across a variety of applications. The majority of manufacturers conclude that bundling electric components into a harness is an economical method to enhance efficiency while making the installation easier. Applications from range from the automotive industry to the factory automation and robotics industry.

Automotive Industry

Cable assemblies and wiring harnesses are widely used in combustion automotive, electrical vehicle and transportation industries. A wire harness is essential in situations where area is reduced and as a result guarantees that wires can sit well with the rest of the parts and mechanisms. Separating different systems beneath the hood with conductor organization not only enables efficient performance but also simple maintenance routines. Whether its lighting and turn signals or screens and other devices, within an automobiles’ system, wire harnesses are the main contributor to its functioning.

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Medical Equipment that is powered by Z-Tronix PCB and Medical Grade Power Cord

Medical Industry

In hospitals and health facilities, doctors must have the capability to rapidly make a dependable connection. Just as doctors’ medical staff and nurses respond rapidly, so should medical gear, devices and apparatuses in instances where someone’s life is in danger. Immediate connections are made possible by wire harnesses, allowing doctors to proceed in saving and protecting a patient’s life. 

Telecommunication Industry

Within telecom networks, if it isn’t hundreds, it’s most likely multiple thousands of wire present distributing signals, that are required to be as organized as possible not only for the conservation of space but also to identify them. This function is carried out through wire harnesses and cable assemblies which bundle cable and wire for communication and networking devices.

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Information Technology Industry

Wire harnesses and cable assemblies are heavily utilized on all levels by information technology professionals. Thanks to harnesses and assemblies, portable and regular computers can save space within itself for other components required.

Commercial & Residential Industry

Both home and commercial structures are powered by secure and effective wiring and cabling. Wire harnesses are used by electricians in the construction phase to arrange and protect cable and wire in accordance with all applicable electrical codes.

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Extra and undesired wire provides a serious safety risk in production and industrial settings. Additionally, numerous equipment have significant wire and cabling such as computer numerical control machinery, three dimensional printing and traditional workstations. Due to its nature and how it organizes wire and cable, wire harnesses indirectly assist in the security of buildings.

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Factory Automation and Robotics

Whether the application is on a smaller robotic solution, or whether it’s for a larger one, every factory automation and robotic application relies on wire and cable to operate efficiently. Harnesses are frequently required to direct and control wire and cable due to constraints regarding space.

The advantages of a wire harness and cable assembly

Because of the many benefits they offer, wire harnesses and cable assemblies are almost always utilized. Key advantages consist of:

  • Reduced Duration of Install Phase: A cable assembly intelligently bundles wires to accelerate assembly for bigger or complicated systems. It is simpler to recognize and find the required components thanks to the bundling nature of a harness.
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  • Safety: To guard from potentially harmful electrical shorts, harnesses may include insulation and shielding material. Additionally, wire harnesses keep wires controlled to reduce labor hazards.

When cable and wire is involved, it is difficult to accomplish identical effectiveness without a great designed and manufactures wire harness or cable assembly.

Z-Tronix Inc. Wire Harnesses & Cable Assemblies Solutions

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