Not only electricians and technicians, but also household regulars like you and Iat one point in our lifetime have utilized extension or power cords to give power to a television, while technical electricians may use it for power tooling equipment. Though the portable cords we purchase at any store are ready for consumer use, it isn’t the case for an equipment or electronic device manufacture who needs a specific cord that can resist weather and water (W) such as SEOW. Due to specific needs and requirements from electronic equipment/device manufacturers, wire and cable manufacturers have designated a series of letters that when all put together will describe the characteristics of the cable such as what it can resist or simply what it material it is composed of. 

Clarifying Portable Cord Names:


Letters Definition Description
S Service Cord Service Cords are for tough applications of up to 600 volts and has the ability to be utilized in replacement of SJ and SV in extremely tough and abrasive applications.
J Junior Cord Junior Portable Cords are for less tough applications where voltage rating is below 300 volts. Some variations of J cords are, SJT, SJEOOW, SJOOW, SJOW, SJTOW, SJTOOW and SJTW.
T Tinsel Solely applies when T is the first letter of the abbreviation. Some variations of Tinsel wire include TTXW
T Thermoplastic Exterior insulation material composed of thermoplastic insulation. For light weight applications only. Some variations include SJT, SJTW, SJTOW, SJTOOW, STOW, STW, SVT and STOOW.
E Elastomer Abbreviated from thermoplastic elastomer, E, is a malleable thermoplastic that resembles rubber’s appearance and texture utilized to manufacture cord insulations. Moderate-duty elastomer polymers function in a superior way, compared to thermoplastics, in cooler settings. Any service cord without a Thermoplastic or Thermoplastic Elastomer material is composed of thermoset insulation, making it a much heavier insulation compared to thermoplastic ones. SEOOW as well as SJEOOW are a few cord types that fall between these categories.
N Nylon Exterior insulation material composed of nylon.
O Oil-Resistant Exterior Insulation Exterior insulation material that is resistant to oil based substances. Oil-Resistant cords includes STOW, SJOW as well as SJTOW.
OO Exterior and Interior Insulation and Jacket Oil Resistance Exterior and interior insulation material that is resistant to oil based substances. Variances of exterior and interior Oil-resistant cords include SEOOW, SJEOOW, SJOOW, SJTOOW, SOOW and STOOW.
F Fixture Wire Fixture designated wire distinguished itself for having a temperature rating of up to 90 degree Celsius.
P Parallel Cords were inner copper conductors are not wrapped around each other are considered parallel jacketed, or zip cord due to the the fact that they lie next to each other.
H Heat Resistance Exterior insulation material that is resistant to heat settings.
HH High Heat Resistance Exterior insulation material that is resistant to extreme high heat settings.
V Vacuum Cord Vacuum cords are lightweight portable cable with a rating of 300V. As the name states it, it can be used for vacuum cleaners and comparable portable cleaning appliances. Popular examples of vacuum cords include SVT.
RD Range and/or Dryer Cord Range or dryer cords are cords with a 3 (plug) – 4 (receptacle) spec’d wire cable with grounds on one end and a plug/receptacle on the other. Mainly used for dryers or appliance applications requiring 110/120 to 220/240 volts. There are range plugs and dryer plugs in both 3 and 4 wire configuration cables, but varies and comes down to voltage of application.
W-A Weather Resistance W-A cords are UL approbated to be utilized in interior and exterior settings. Some of the cords that fall into this category are: SEOO-WA as well as SJTO-WA.
W Weather and Water Resistance Portable cords that have solely a W are approbated to be used in exterior and interior settings where not only climatic factors such as daylight and humidity are present but also water. Cords that fall into this category include SEOOW and SJOOW.


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