Cable Assemblies & Wire Harnesses can be typically grounded into most industrial and commercial finished goods that are electrically powered. Therefore, the assemblies and harnesses housed in the most sophisticated applications, result being vital for the success of the product. 

Due to flexibility, customizable cable assemblies and wiring harnesses, on-time delivery, consistent quality, excellent customer service, value pricing as well as quality certification from ISO 9001:2015, Z-Tronix has emerged as one of the most successful and dependable custom cable assembling and wiring harness manufacturers in Los Angeles for industrial and commercial industries. In collaboration with our customers, we bring some of the most sophisticated designs to life. 

Challenges Faced by the Industrial and Commercial Industries 

While technology and the industries we serve become advanced and common, cable assemblies, wire harnesses increase in demand. Consequently, bringing in a wave of challenges for product manufacturers and cable and wire companies 

Time vs Demand

Product manufacturers demand, assembly and harness companies deliver. Therefore, depending on product/time offered to complete custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses, constraints can occur and modify deadlines. At Z-Tronix, we ensure you that we strive to meet the deadlines and work with your needs.

Spike in Demand for Custom Assemblies and Harnesses 

Moreover, as we transition into technologically inclined societies, product manufacturers demand for cables and wires to power their custom applications. 

Rapid Growth in Markets

Also, as markets and industries grow, so must cable and wire industry companies. Frequently, this isn’t easy, as cable and wire companies haven’t grown at the same pace in terms of automated equipment. 

Use of Cable Assemblies, Wiring Harnesses in the Industrial and Commercial Industries 

Today, in many industries, cable assemblies, wire harnesses are vital to the functionality of the product and their applications. Particularly, some of the industrial and commercial industries we serve are, but not limited to: 

  • Agricultural 
  • Appliance (white goods) 
  • Automotive 
  • Battery 
  • Entertainment 
  • Gas Grill 
  • Heating and AC (HVAC) 
  • Factory Automation 
  • Industrial (traffic control) 
  • Lighting 
  • Marine 
  • Medical 
  • Pool and Spa 
  • Telecom 

    Depending on the industry served, Z-Tronix can manufacture custom cable assemblies, wire harnesses to exact specifications requested by product manufacturers. 

    Additionally, assemblies and harnesses can be typically found across many goods that are powered by electricity in these industries. Moreover to further assist our customers, we hold a wide array of gauges, insulation thickness and strand count, plating materials. In addition, voltage requirements and temperature resistant products are in stock to assist in anything regarding custom wire and cable. Within our facilities, we hold innovative equipment and highly-trained personnel which guarantees custom assemblies and harnesses of high quality. 

    Apart from our cable assembly and wire harness capabilities, to further assist our customers in the industrial/commercial industries we offer: 

    • Inventory Management:

      • JIT Systems and Consigned Inventory Programs help customers focus on product, yielding sourcing and handling of raw materials to “interconnect experts”. 
    • Value Added Services:

      • Kitting
      • Custom Marking
      • Custom Labeling
      • Cut & Mark
      • Twisting
      • Strip & Dye

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    In conclusion, are you seeking custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses for your industrial or commercial project? If so, consider speaking with one of our many engineers and learn how we can assist. We’ve worked with countless industries, and we’re sure no job is too big, small or difficult to manufacture. In short, you need it we have it, message, call or visit us today.