Pool & Spa Industry Situation

Technological advancements are found in many industries, and the pool and spa one is not the exception. The cable assembly and wire harnessing of the pool and spa sector has grown and become one of the most important due to the level of complexity. In this application, product manufacturer and cable and wire harness assembly company, Z-Tronix, must work together to pinpoint exact configurations.

Heated water + closed electrical setting = risky for end users’ lives

Hence, it’s crucial for pool & spa wire harnesses, power cords and cable assemblies to be used for this application.

Pool & Spa Factors

It’s not surprising for pool and spa industry products to fail due to heat/humidity electrical components are exposed to. One primary example of electrical failing components include, but aren’t limited to: 

  • Spa and hot tub heater malfunction: This occurs when there are circuit interruptions or high temperature with humidity affecting the conductivity and flow through the wire. 
  • Spa and hot tub bad blower switch: Failure and lack of connectivity of the switches. Most commonly the problem can be derived from the switch but can also be due to incorrect wire gauge. 

Z-Tronix Pool & Spa Capabilities

For years, Z-Tronix, an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, has helped many pool and spa manufacturers with cable and wiring needs. Consequently, Z-Tronix has delivered quality by testing cable assemblies and wire harnesses to avoid defective products. 

Moreover, it’s vital for pool and spa companies to acquire wire and cable assemblies that certify and guarantee quality. Hence, Z-Tronix prides itself in the range of options, customizable and in-stock, that allow for freedom to choose what’s most optimal. In like manner, the list below are a few, of the components Z-Tronix has manufactured for pool and spa: 

  • Internal wiring: Wire Harnesses and cable assemblies for internal conductivity and/or rerouting of power to specific functions. 
  • Power cord: The cord that transfers electricity from the spa/hot tub to the wall outlet. 

Contact Us

Furthermore, upon evaluating your cable assembly and wiring harness needs, speaking with Z-Tronix customer representatives can assist answer any doubts. Similarly, questions regarding type of wire configurations (gauge, insulation thickness, strand count, plating material, voltage requirements and temperature resistance). This all for the safety, success and durability of your custom applications, along with the quote of your project.