The Overmolding of Cable Solutions

by | Jun 14, 2023

Averagely, cable assemblies are capable of tolerating harsh situations due to the toughness from the added overmolding. The overmolding process can best be described as a cable and connector being joined together and sealed, creating a single item that gives protection to its internal components.

Keep following to discover the advantages to overmolding cable assemblies, components and substances utilized in production, as well as the method by which cable is overmolded.



The following are frequently utilized cable overmolding components and substances:

PVC: Polyvinyl Chloride, also referred to as PVC, is a popular thermoplastic utilized in various applications often including cable overmolding. PVC is very flexible and has a tender, rubber feel.

Image to display thermoplastic polyurethane

TPU: Thermoplastic polyurethane, sometimes known as TPU, is more colorful and has a smoother feel than PVC. TPU is more resistant to change in the face of temperature fluctuations because it’s malleable and does better under cold conditions.

Procedure of Overmolding Cabling

Injection molding is a production technique that presses substance into a mold template, and is used to create overmolded components. An injection pump moves plastic resin from a storage space or hopper into a barrel where the plastic resin is heated to a liquid state

image to display injection molding
image to display injection molding

Via different procedures like color compounding as well as master-batching, color is mixed into resin. Within the mold template, the plastic resin will chill down and acquire the form and characteristics of the desired mold that can have part numbering, brand names and certification.

Pros of Cable Assemblies that are Overmolded

Cable assemblies that are overmolded offer many pros such as:

  • The ability to resist being tampered with. Overmolding allows for the protection of internal components that otherwise would be exposed to external forces that can degrade the lifetime quality such as temperature, abrasion and water to mention a few. Contrary to regular cables, cables with the overmolded feature have an added layer of insulation that makes it difficult to vandalize or cut the desired cable.
  • Long lasting and low maintenance feature. Cable assemblies that are overmolded tough and can work without any problems for a long time. As previously mentioned, overmolding a cable assembly offers you defense against temperature, abrasion, water and any forces that can lower the performance of the cable assembly and be a contrary force against the enhancement of the cabling’s life.
  • The enhancement of the cable assembly production process. When opting for overmolding, not only does end user benefit but also the manufacturer of the product and cable assembly. This is due to the procedure not only being much more productive but also secure. The productivity yields production costs to decrease.
  • Pressure and vibration enduring. In the presence of sturdy casing and secure connections cables that are overmolded can endure pressure and vibration without harm.
  • Flex and Strain Relief: When cables are overmolded, the ability to endure any strain increases by a significant amount, strengthening the area where the cable meets the connector which also is that endures the most strain. Additionally, overmolding offers improved tug resistance and well rounded strain relief. The exterior layer serves as a barrier between the cable’s interior conductors and the environment guarding against long-term degradation to the interconnect as well as the conductors themselves.
  • The managing of cable: When dealt with manually, cable that is overmolded has a smooth feel that makes the managing of cable simple.

Call Z-Tronix Inc. for Overmolding of Cable Assemblies

The hard plastic used in the overmolding of a cable assembly years ago is not utilized today. Smooth surfaces found in overmolding materials make them simple to deal with and organize. To suit challenging cable applications; mobility, pressure resistance, longevity, customization and toughness is offered. Overmolding is perfect for customized solutions to improve the shielding of the cable assembly.

For practically all applications, Z-Tronix Inc. offers custom overmolding. Being an ISO 9001 manufacturer, we have vowed to offer the best total quality management as well as be compliant to the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive. This guarantees that both customer service and our manufacturing methodology meet the most rigorous requirements of quality. To further learn about our overmolding services, email us at or call is directly at 562-808-0800 and speak with one of our cable and wire experts today. Inquire a quotation to get your project started.