First, what are value added services (VAS)?  

Value added services are custom services offered by Z-Tronix that are meant for ‘wire and cable that do not generally come with all the modifications needed for a specific application’ as described by In other words, it helps bring organization and customization for a product(s) for not only internal but external use and benefit. In addition, as the name states, these services bring tremendous value to your product/brand that will be described below. 

Second, what VAS are offered by Z-Tronix? 

  • Marking: Applying customer requested letters, numbers, or names on wire, cables and power cords
Image to display custom wire marking
  • Stripe and Dye: Applying customer requested stripes or dye color to wires/cables. Limitations might occur for oil resistant jacket type wires and cables
Image to display custom wire striping
  • Labeling: Applying customer requested wrapped around sticking labels
Image to display custom wire labeling
  • Spool Lengthening: Spooling customer requested wire and cables to specific lengths
image to display spooled wire
  • Kitting: Distribution of customer requested wire, cable or component in kit bags
Image to display Custom Wire Kitting
  • Wire Twisting: Twisitng of two or more wires and cables
Image to display Custom Wire Twisting
  • Strip and Cut: Cutting and stripping wires and cables to specific lengths
image to display Custom Strip and Cutting of Wire
  • Cut and Marked Tubing: Cutting and marking the tubing to customer requested size and text. Wide variation of tubing material
Image to display Custom Cut and Marked Tubing

Third, why do I need VAS? 

image to display difficulty of wire installing
  • First, it helps establish organization and makes it easier to install wires/cables into product. Furthermore, standardizing and making it straightforward (plug-and-play) for employees in the assembly line.
  • Second, time efficiency of installing specific wires and cables for product in the assembly line/process. Undoubtedly, the faster you can create quality products, the better for your finances as projects will be completed sooner.
image to display efficient manufacturing
Image to display happy customer fixing product
  • Third, easier product fix for end users if replacement is required, leading to happier end users and repeat purchases. For instance, this would especially make your product DIY fixable and more people will purchase it if it’s easy to fix.

Lastly, contact Z-Tronix for Valued Added Services 

In conclusion, in your next project, consider asking or requesting value added services, to take your product line/brand to the next level. Moreover, our representatives can further assist you with any questions or specific service you may require for your next project.