Z-Tronix Inc.’s Electromechanical Automotive Solutions

by | Sep 28, 2022

With ongoing advancements and growing sophistication in technology, Z-Tronix Inc. has updated equipment and can employ a modern 2D product modeling/drafting software to best assist customers in the designing process and production of wire harnesses.

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Design & Technological Development

For over 30 years, Z-Tronix Inc. has specialized in the production of electromechanical solutions, wire harnesses and cable assemblies. Over the years, Z-Tronix has not only added solutions and services to its portfolio to become a well-rounded service supplier, but has also stepped into growing industries such as the electric vehicle, automotive and transportation industries. Z-Tronix has received certifications from top standard boards such as ISO, UL, CSA and IPC to name a few, to demonstrate mastery and commitment to quality throughout our processes, solutions and services.

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In addition, our commitment to quality doesn’t just end in products and services, but continues to be reflected throughout the entire process, particularly into our customer service. We believe communication from our engineers to our customers’ contact person and vice versa is the most important aspect to mutual success. For this reason, we encourage and support communication throughout our design, prototype, manufacturing, and turnkey services to create quality products our customers can be extremely satisfied with.

Automotive and Transportation Wire Harnesses

Vehicular electromechanical wire harnesses are structures that transfer not only power but also send indicating signals that are primarily consolidated by wire, cable, interconnect, heat-resistant and automotive tape as well as other safeguard

components that vary depending on the specific application. Vehicular wire harnesses distribute electrical indicators from point A to point B. This enables the various components and apparatuses of the vehicles such as the ac system, head unit, gauge cluster, lighting and everything that is supported by electricity or requires the reception of signals such as reverse gear to white reverse light process. Z-Tronix Inc. is a contract manufacturer that has the ability to design, prototype and manufacture products and systems with the objective of providing our customers with the high quality and certified solutions.

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Automotive Cable Assemblies and Solutions

At Z-Tronix, design and product innovation for vehicular cables is available for a variety of solutions including high & low volt settings, alloy, aluminum & copper conductors, as well as TPE and thermosetting insulate ranging between temperatures of 80 Celsius to 200 Celsius. Cable assemblies are solutions integrated with conductive material and shielded with layers of insulation.

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At Z-Tronix we consider ourselves an extension of our customers. For this and many other reasons we believe our customers’ satisfaction in a quality product and service is vital. This in turn propels in us a truly perpetual devotion to technological advancements and improvements within our company’s departments. As a result, our objective is to have this devotion be reflected ultimately in the quality of our products and customer satisfaction. So, if you want to do more and spend less, if our services and benefits speak to you, email us at info@z-tronix.com or give us a call at 562-808-0800 and speak with one of our experts today. Listen to the process and allow us to earn your business. We don’t want to be just an outsourcer, but an extension of your company and celebrate your victories. The only question left for you to answer is, what can we do for you?