An Overview of NEMA Custom Power Cord Connectors

In regards to an extension and Custom Power Cord, it can get complex to get clear understanding of what’s what. The risk is power cord misfit—using the wrong Custom Power Cord Connector and damaging your circuitry or equipment. This blog will target NEMA power cord connectors, including learning about powercord types and applications.

So, what is NEMA?

NEMA stands for National Electrical Manufacturers Association, and the association describes various connectors that are used on power cords. NEMA device amperages range from 15 to 60 while the voltage range from 125 to 600. Plug types are designed for specific amperage/voltage, which ultimately prevents the risk of mismatches. Each plug is given its own NEMA designation to make it identifiable to end users. For example, the most common outlet in American households is the NEMA 5-15R.

Straight blade and locking devices

NEMA devices can be of two types, straight blade or locking type devices. The straight blade is what you will find most commonly in consumer electronics, particularly household items. In fact, the 5-15 and 5-20  are used to connect light duty, general purpose devices in most countries following NEMA standards. NEMA 1, a two-prong connector, and NEMA 5, a three-prong connector, are generally for equipment that are common in most homes.




The locked type device is common where risk of being pulled out easily is high. Typically, a Custom Power Cord manufacturer will design locked type for industrial use, where high-level of activity and people is unavoidable. Here, the chances of the plug being knocked out of the socket are rather high. Furthermore, reiterating the importance of locked devices due to safety precautions.

What can we do for you?

Various voltages, pin arrangements, amperages, grounding options, and phases are available in the standardized NEMA connectors. Learn more about connectors, plugs, wires and cables, call and speak with a Z-Tronix customer service representatives for expert advice. Choosing the right NEMA connector or custom power cord options for your needs is a task we can help with.