Do You Have the Right Power Cord?

Using the right Power Cord is important with any electric appliance. The right Power Cord means using the electrical devices or appliances in a safe way for end users with UL listing certifications. The right power cord is not only capable of carrying the sufficient electricity an appliance needs to function but also, able to handle the heat that generates inside the cables due to the flow of the electricity.

When determining the right size of a Power Cord, you keep two things in mind – the power supply voltage and the appliance power rating. Using these numbers and with the help of a simple mathematical formula, you can find out the right size or the correct power rating of the cords you use. This can be really handy, especially when it comes to cords used for everyday functions or when you need to use a device for a long time at one stretch. You don’t need any special equipment to calculate watts or amps of the appliances you use.

Below are the steps to calculating the required size of the cords and to know if you are using the right Power Cord types.

Finding the wattage

The first thing you need to do when calculating the correct Power Cord size is, the wattage of the appliances or device. This step is as simple as checking the labels that come attached with the devices to know the wattage. The wattage or the energy consumption of appliances or devices can be labeled not only in watts, but also in kilowatts or amps.

Calculating the power rating

Now determine the power rating of a cord in amps by dividing the watt number by the volts. The appliance could be operating on 240 volts or on a circuit of 120 volts. So, if an appliance with 1000 watts is operating on 120 volt circuit then the power drawn is 1200/120, which equals 10 amps.

Using this formula, you can calculate watts or amps of any electric device in your home. All devices have their own amperage and voltage or wattage and voltage printed on them. All you need is to use the simple formula to derive the answer whether you need them in amps or watts.

Checking the results

If you are uncertain of the calculated results, you can multiply amps with volts and you get the wattage of a device. If this is the same as mentioned on the appliance labels or details, then you can be sure that your amp calculation were correct.

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