In these difficult times where COVID-19 and other diseases are thriving; the medical industry must stay minimally at par to save lives. Not only is there a scarcity of doctors and higher quality medical organizations around the world, but also medical equipment. Equipment like Medical Grade Power Cords plus PCB and PCB Assemblies that’re updated and versatile, to combat diseases history-marking pandemics. 

Actually, most medical equipment like ultrasound, oxygen machines, patient monitors, electrosurgical units are comprised of Medical Grade Power Cords and PCB assemblies. These are some of the most important components for the functionality of the machine and consequently for the patient’s life. 

Due to that, Z-Tronix prides itself for making quality components for medical technology that helps save lives around the world. IPC, RoHS, UL, UL-C, RC and ISO 9001 certifications allowed for learning and quality safe product offerings for the market.

In conclusion, if you’re currently looking for manufacturers, and haven’t made a decision, consider speaking with Z-Tronix representatives/engineers. At Z-Tronix our knowledgeable staff are excited to help bring your project to life and answer any questions. Contact us today to learn about Medical Grade Power Cords, PCB and PCB assemblies for your next life saving project.