Custom Cable and Custom Wire Equipment Situations

Ever ask yourself how and what processes your thicker wire and cables before they become custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses? In the old days, hand-built manufacturing was typically relied on to cut and strip them. A couple of designated people would cut and strip with special cutters commonly used in that time period. Thankfully, we have come a long way, custom cable assemblies and custom wire harnesses have become much easier to accomplish through specialty equipment that automates the cutting and stripping of wires, while improving quality and precision. 

In an industry where improvement, precision and quality are always objectives, Z-Tronix as a member of the custom wire harness and custom cable assembly industry, constantly invests in technological equipment that improves quality and maximizes efficiency. With the recent investments in specialty machinery and equipment, we’d like to announce the recent addition of Eubanks Large Cable Pneumatic Strippers for all our facilities.

image to display eubanks custom cable assembly cut and strip machine

Eubanks Tech Capabilities

What makes this equipment so special you may ask? The Eubanks Large Cable Pneumatic Stripper allows for wires ranging from 0.96 mm2 to 68.9mm2. Its versatility allows for any common and uncommon custom wire and custom cable such as round or flat multi-conductor cable, parallel conductor cable with 2, 3 or 4 conductors, coaxial cable, and fiber optic cable made of plastic or glass and even with Kevlar reinforced fibers to be cut and stripped without a problem. Too, fun fact, according to Eubanks, it’s so flexible that it can process wire lengths from 4 in. to 8,333 feet (102mm to 2,540m)’’, that’s a mile and a half!

Moreover, it is not a surprise to anybody that this equipment will help deliver custom cut and stripped wire and cable. That is not the question. What is though, is whether it will deliver quality and whether it’ll last years. While Eubanks affirms the doubt with, “these setups last years, and deliver the best quality strip available”, we can certainly back this statement up. From custom power cord to custom cable assemblies and custom wire harness jobs completed, our customers are always satisfied with the quality.

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Altogether, are you in search of quality regular or large custom cable assemblies, custom power cords and custom wire harnesses with the best precision available? If yes, consider contacting Z-Tronix and learning more about the manufacturing process and all the other valueadded services and inventory management programs we offer for your convenience.