Z-Tronix Investment In 3M Equipment to Improve Custom Cable Assemblies

In striving for continuous improvement and the objective to be the one-stop shop for all our customers, Z-Tronix has invested in industry giant, 3M. The trusted and quality equipment invested in, will assist many customers with custom cable assemblies solutions for virtually any industry.  

image to display custom cable assemblies with 3M Assembly Press
image to display poor quality wires

How does this affect me?

How does this benefit me? Well, the answer is clear, as you may know, when cables tend to fail its typically due to two reasons, quality of wires inside cable or quality of the assembly press crimp. Wires play a big role, many electronic manufacturers to save on material go for the lowest cost options, relying on uncertified or cloned wires. In consequence, giving the electronic a lower life cycle. For this reason, companies should rely on custom cable assemblies manufacturers that use UL certified materials and are ISO 9001 certified.

Second, the other reason is the wear and stress we put on the custom cables assemblies when connecting and disconnecting them from their applications. A notorious example of this failure are cell phone chargers. They tend to fail after 1.5-2 years from the crimp between the connector and the wires that go into the connector. The solution to this is the specialty 3M Assembly Press tool we have, that different from other 3M Assembly presses we have invested in, can crimp on a special plastic film that bonds onto the wires connecting into the connector to make a harder bond.  

image to display badly crimped custom cable assemblies

3M Compatibility

Next, does your project require any 3M cables and connectors or any equivalent of these? Before you answer this question, check out the extensive list of connectors and cables our 3M Assembly Press specialty tool is compatible with to crimp.  

3M Cables

Cable Type/Description Round Shielded Jacketed Discrete Wire Cable Round Shielded Jacketed Discrete Wire Cable Round Shielded Jacketed Discrete Wire Cable Pleated Foil Shielded Cable
3M Cable Series 3600B 3644B KU-C-KMPVV 90101

3M Connectors

Contact Us For Custom Cable Assemblies

In conclusion, does this sound like something you may be interested in for your next project? Or have you completed your research for custom cable assemblies manufacturers and noticed a recurring equipment add-on cost from manufacturer due to the uncommonness of this job and lack of equipment from their part? If your answer is yes to any of these questions or if you still have lingering questions, please consider contacting one of our customer service reps about the next step to take or questions you may have. We are equipped with the appropriate materials and ready to start upon your command.