Zip Ties In Custom Wire Harness and Kitting

Did you know what custom wire harnesses and kitting services have in common? They both use zip ties to help organize them together. From wire harnesses to kitting, custom wire harness and cable assembly manufacturers zip tie harnesses to keep all wires inside. In addition, zip tying is commonly practiced to kit custom wires or cable assemblies, magnetic components, PCBs and power cords.

image to display custom cable and wire kitting services
image to display custom wire harness zip tied
image to display manual zip tie for custom wire harness and kitting service

Next, now imagine having to individually zip tie each harness, not once or twice, depending on the application/configuration size, we’ve had to apply 40+ zip ties onto a single harness. In the old days, these kits and harnesses would’ve been manually zip tied, but thankfully technology has favored us.  

Investment of Panduit Equipment to Improve Custom Wire Harness and Kitting Services

In effort of continuously improving quality, efficiency and lead time, Z-Tronix invested in zip tie machine giant, Panduit, equipment for its facilities. This investment, just like the rest, will come with lots of benefits for all our customers as it will help decrease lead time and in consequence, positively speaking, lower pricing for customers. 

image to display panduit machine zip tying custom wire harness

In the same manner, not only is this efficient but also allows for measurable and correct tightness that will hold custom wires and custom cables together while not choking and potentially damaging the performance of the custom cables and custom wires zip tied together.  

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