Intro to 3M Assembly Press

It’s not surprising that technology to splice, solder and crimp applications in the wire and cable industry, has grown exponentially. Today many machines that are available, are a pricey investment yet one of the best ones to make. For instance, Telsonic’s TS3 splices bare copper with bare copper/aluminum effectively, making it highly demanded by the automotive industry companies. Similar to the Telsonic Ultrasonic splicer, there exists specific machines that can do specific jobs for specific industries. The machine we’d like to promote at Z-Tronix is called, 3M 10960-2000 Assembly Press.

Although its sounds industrial, the 3M 10960-200 Assembly Press is pretty crafty, take it from someone new to the industry. This press is incomparable, as it’s ability to crimp 3M’s 3749 flat cable into its compatible 3M 101 series connector. Although these are some examples of Tech Cable Assemblies we’ve manufactured in the past, this 3M 10960 Assembly Press has more capabilities. It can crimp anything from 14-50 cables to a connector, and 68-100 depending on the cable clamp in use. 

Due to this, cables used are flat and wide, with about 14-100 wires inside ranging from 1-2.5 inches. The flat cables, 3M 101 series connectors we’ve manufactured in the past tend to be applied in the computing industry. The tech industry requires them because of lvds technology which enables and facilitates the multiple and continuous transmission of data// through every single strand of wire inside the cable without the noise that tends to interrupt the connections by the receivers in single wire cables. In short, depending on customer, the 14-100 wires are capable of transmitting continuous specific data to fulfill specific functions.  


Specs of 3M Mini D Ribbon Connector and 3M Round Conductor Flat Cable that the 3M 10960 Assembly Press crimps together. 

3M Mini D Ribbon (MDR) Connector  3M Round Conductor Flat Cable 
Wiper-on-wiper contact for reliable repetitive plugging  Close spacing permits higher signal density 
MDR digital LCD interface as a 20 or 26 contact connector  TPE insulation provides excellent transmission properties 
IEEE 1284C Interface as a 36 contact connector  30 AWG solid conductors on .025 inch spacing allows for mass termination 
Accepts a wide variety of cable constructions including flat, round, twisted pair and twinax cables  Zippable for branching or discrete termination 
Accepts a wide variety of shielded junction shells  Meets SCSI-3 Fast-20 characteristic impedance requirements 
Contacts: 14, 20, 26, 36, 40, 50, 68, 80 and 100   
RoHS Compliant. See the Regulatory Information Appendix (RIA) in the “RoHS compliance” section of for compliance information (RIA E1 & C1 apply)   


To say the process of crimping one of these cables is complex, is an understatement. Splitting the wires, laying them down one-by-one into each press channel, and placing connectors  is labor intensive and meticulous. Though, this results in accuracy, precision and quality work by our users/crimpers thanks to the 3M 10960-2000 Assembly Press. 

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