Brady Wraptor Custom Labeling Equipment for Wires and Cables

Are you looking into reducing or eliminating manual processes? Or improve your throughput by reducing waste and as a result improve your bottom line? Well with Z-Tronix‘s recent investment and addition of Brady Wraptor labeling equipment, this can all be achieved by custom labeling of wires and cables, harnesses, and assemblies. 

Image to display custom labeling for wires and cables

Why Custom Labeling for my Wires and Cables?

How can the custom labeling of wires and cables achieve improving bottom line you may ask? Easy, it creates organization and ease of installation, making it more workable for your customers and as a result preferred by them. Custom wire and cable labeling is a service that adds value because it distinguishes each wire from the rest with its specific label number or name. 

Brady Wraptor Specifications

The Wraptor Equipment can apply 7000 labels per day, that is 5 seconds per application with an approximate speed of 3 inches per second and allows for the option of various common font styles. This means we are more than capable of custom wire and cable labeling in your desired project period. 

Image to display Brady Wraptor custom labeling for wires and cables specifications
Image to display custom wire striping

Value Added Services by Z-Tronix

Too, like labeling, there are other value-added services that help distinguish each wire and cable from the rest. Some of the valueadded services we offer along with custom wire and cable labeling are custom marking and striping and dyeing to help distinguish each wire and cable for ease of maintenance, installation and deinstallation of wires and cables. 

Image to display custom wire marking

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If you are looking to take your cables and wires to the next level, ask about our custom wire and cable labeling value-added services. It is an investment that will help with customer positioning and will propel your project to the next level.