Z-Tronix PCB Capabilities

For many years PCB and PCB assemblies manufacturers relied on old manufacturing machinery to create printed circuit boards. At ZTronix we know old, but evolved to newer technology capable of creating PC boards and assemblies efficiently and longer lasting. 

In recent years, Z-Tronix has begun to grow in the PCB & PCB assemblies sector. As a result, has been able to invest in manufacturing technology that is capable of putting 15,000 components/hr onto PCB. Moreover these machines not only can install 15,000 components onto PCB but can also do it under IPC-610 quality. IPC-610 quality is the certification that sets standards and requirements for PCB and PCB assemblies. In addition to this, it is crucial for customers to choose IPC certified PCB for safety and quality from manufacturers.

Along with Philips technology and automatic stencil printer technology, our capabilities include hand soldering components manually in case it’s needed. Our machineries and human capabilities go beyond project sizes, allowing us to manufacture small and big, thick and slim PCB. Our capabilities are industry averages of maximum size of 18.1 x 17.3in, and minimum sizes of 2.0 x 2.0in. On top of this, 0201 capabilities for detailed and smaller setting constraints are available upon request. 

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