Z-Tronix Inc. Introduces Overmolding Services

by | Nov 2, 2022

True to its origins and commitment to becoming an A through Z, one-stop manufacturing company, Z-Tronix Inc. is pleased to announce to our customers and all welcomed readers that we have added low pressure overmolding to our growing list of services for cable assemblies, wire harnesses and printed circuit board assemblies.

What is overmolding?

Overmolding is an injection molding procedure to produce one foundation layer part utilizing two or more plastic or elastomer materials over the original part. After the foundation layer of the part is molded first, the secondary plastic layers are molded over the foundational layer.

image to display overmolded cable

What can overmolding do for me?

Overmolding has been proven to increase electromechanical assemblies and components’ performance, decrease cost of production, increase shelf attraction, decrease operator mistake, streamline procedure, offer longevity and strength. In addition and more specifically, overmolding can assist with the following, all of which can corrupt a cable:

  • High Temperature & Fire
  • Low Temperature
  • Subjection to Ultraviolet rays
  • Wear & Tear
  • Presence of Water
  • Chemical substances and Lubricants

Potting, what is it?

In addition to overmolding and often mentioned together as solutions to avoid wear and tear, potting, can help in the protection of components. Potting is the process of covering electronic assemblies with solid or jelly-like compounds to assist against shock and vibration, as well as, liquids, moisture and other erosive agents. In industries where a product will be subjected to or near water, heat and chemicals, potting will help the electromechanical assembly stay clean and in optimal state of operation with a compound protecting it. Potting is commonly applied to magnetic components or printed circuit boards (PCB).

image to display potted components

Z-Tronix Inc.’s Electromechanical Solutions

At Z-Tronix we consider ourselves to be an extension of our customer’s company. With pride, we manufacture quality certified electromechanical assemblies and value communication with our customers and prospect to best assist in the entire process. We know that if our customer and their product is successful, we are successful. For these reasons, we offer services such as overmolding and potting to manufacture quality products and stimulate end-user satisfaction. To learn more about these services and how we can help make your next project be element proof, email us at info@z-tronix.com today.