Z-Tronix Tooling Capabilities for 3M Flat and Ribbon Cable  

by | May 16, 2022

Z-Tronix Tooling Capabilities for 3M Flat and Ribbon Cable  

In our objective to become a leading manufacturer of wire harnesses and cable assemblies, we are proud to market our ability to manufacture 3M MDR and SDR flat, ribbon and rounded cables assemblies to the public. We manage the required specialty tooling for the endless variety of connectors and terminals on the market.  

Cable, Connector & Industries our 3M Tooling Assists

Some of the connectors we have worked with are 3M 101 series, as well as, 3M cable series 3600B, 3644B, 90101, KU-C-KMPVV and equivalent versions. Such cable assemblies have been frequently used throughout many industries including, the medical, factory automation and telecommunication industries to name a few. These assemblies can be specifically spotted in applications such as medical oximeters and other patient monitoring devices, factory automation camera vision systems and telecom ethernet switches. 

Image to display 3M Connector Series 101
Image to display 3M Cable Series 3600B
Image to display 3M Cable Series 3644B
Image to display 3M Cable Series KU-C-KMPVV

Z-Tronix 3M Tooling Assembling MDR & SDR Flat and Round Cable Assemblies

In terms of tooling, we possess a variety of unique tools and machinery that process cable to customer’s specifications 

In the beginning of the process, the following Eubanks tool is in charge of consistently and precisely cutting the round shielded cable. If the application requires a flat cable, this step is skipped. 

If you have a flat cable, the cutting method is manual through a press with a measuring tool that precisely cuts to exact spec. 

For flat cables, one extra step is involved that includes the separation of the wires. The flat cables are usually composed of interior wires that are all connected horizontally. Due to this, the cable is processed through a rolling cutting device that’ll cut the connection between the wires so that they could then be positioned.

Once cut, the cable assembler separates the cable’s interior wires and positions them according to the color groups instructed in the wiring diagram. 

Once positioned, the wires are placed over and pulled into the slots of the 3M fixture unit. Once wires are in their positions, the cable is passed through a laminating press to secure the positioning of the wires for the cutting step. Subsequently, a slotted cover is placed over the laminated wires to acquire a precise and consistent cut with the with the 3M cutting unit. 

After it has been cut, a locator plate is placed in the machine to continue with the process of placing the connector on the cable. 

Lastly, the cable is tested through an Electric Cable Tester to verify correct specs. 

Z-Tronix 3M Cable Solutions Next Step

Along with our capacity, we aren’t only proud of having IPC Expert Trained workforce but also hold an ISO 9001:2015 certification, a CSA Compliance Certificate, and are compliant to RoHS and REACH. Therefore, manufacturers that require 3M MDR or SDR cable assemblies in their applications can fully rely on Z-Tronix’s readiness and equipment that is ideal for 3M round and shielded input and output cable solutions by calling 562-808-0800 today.