Z-Tronix’s Pledge To Excellence Is Evidenced By ISO 9001:2015

by | Jan 19, 2022

Every 7-8 years, manufacturing firms such as Z-Tronix Inc., look to get re-certified by respected and relevant certifying organizations including the International Standards Organization known as ISO. Beginning 2001, all of Z-Tronix Inc. facilities have been ISO certified with the current and most recent certification being ISO 9001:2015. 

So, what exactly is ISO 9001:2015? 

ISO 9001:2015 specifies the criteria for a quality management system that a manufacturer such as Z-Tronix Inc. must comply with in order to receive certification by ISO. The ISO 9000 series of guidelines includes several articles, that don’t require certifications, leaving ISO9001:2015 as the only ISO 9000 article that demands certification. 

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What about quality management systems? What are they? 

Quality Management Systems are collections of rules and methodologies that are necessary for a company’s main business to be planned and executed. For example, at Z-Tronix, the manufacture of specialized wire harnesses, cable assemblies, power cords, magnetic division and PCB assemblies are all controlled and supervised by our ISO-certified Quality Management System. 

Why consider ISO Accredited Manufacturing Companies? 

Quality management systems demonstrate to clients that a manufacturer continually produces quality goods. For us, a quality management system certification such as ISO 9001 means that we will provide customers with not only the highest standards in quality, service and delivery of products. As well, to comply 100% with customer requirements and continuously improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the quality management system. 

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Prerequisites for ISO 9001:2015 Accreditation 

Z-Tronix Inc. implements a quality management system that covers every ISO 9001:2015 areas.  

  • Reach 
  • Normative Standard (e.g. Quality Management System Principles) 
  • Terminology 
  • Prerequisites for Basic Quality Management Systems 
  • Managerial Accountability 
  • Asset Administration 
  • Project Development 
  • Testing, Evaluation & Refinement are all part of the process 

ISO 9001:2015 at Z-Tronix Inc.

If we didn’t answer a particular question regarding Z-Tronix’s ISO certification, contacting a Z-Tronix wire and cable expert will help with these and any other questions that may arise for the benefit of your project, and to learn about the quality management system that will assist in the manufacturing of quality products and services.