Magnetic Lighting Drivers

In the industry, magnetic components is a term used to describe a greater group of components. In that group of components, you can find items like transformers, inductors, chokes, magnetic cores, magnetic lighting drivers and more. Though, today we would like to spotlight and specifically announce magnetic lighting drivers. 

How do magnetic lighting drivers work?

The function of magnetic lighting drivers is to be the ‘middleman’ of the light switch and the lighting itself. Additionally, housing/connecting the wires so that current goes from the input and switch to the magnetic lighting driver. Furthermore, resulting in regulation of current and electricity transfer into lights. That said, magnetic lighting drivers serve a crucial role for efficiency and functionality. 

In terms of functionality, magnetic lighting drivers are the housing that connect and regulate all electricity current that light the led strip. But it is important to mention efficiency. Along the lines of, regulating how much voltage and electricity go into the light, this will more than anything help determine if a product is successful and safe due to the impact the amount of current can do to an electronic.

Z-Tronix Magnetic Lighting Drivers

At Z-Tronix we are certified, have the capabilities and engineers to create quality-filled, value-centric and versatile magnetic lighting drivers. Drivers that can be placed in various settings such as, indoor/outdoor, and having the ability to connect to all switches. All of our magnetic lighting drivers are UL certified and have power ratings of 20 VA to 300 VA. Along with these specs, the following are the rest of the specs of our magnetic lighting drivers. 

Power Rating: FROM 20 VA UP TO 300 VA 

Output Voltage: 12 Vac, 24 Vac, 12 Vdc, 24 Vdc, 12/24 Vac and 12/24 Vdc. 

Single Input Voltage: 120,240 or 277 Vac 

Dual Input Voltage: 120/240 Vac 

Universal Input Voltage: 120/240/277 Vac 



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