Lamination Low Frequency (50/60 Hz) Transformers

by | Sep 26, 2022

Lamination Low Frequency (50/60 Hz) Transformers                                            

Low frequency (50/60 Hz) transformers are broadly used in many applications and markets, such as:

Power Electronics


Commercial & Home-Grade Appliances

Industrial Controls

Consumer Electronics

Medical Industry

Within the broad range of 50/60hz low frequency transformers we carry, various core shapes, such as EI, UI and toroidal can be built. In addition, offered virtually in limitless configurability, you can opt for open frame, potted or encapsulated. In the same manner, transformers can be built with SMT, thru hole or have flying leads. Mounting brackets can be applied to transformers, to easily mount on panels, or pins can be added to allow transformers to be inserted and soldered onto PCBs.

Z-Tronix offers an ample range of standard laminated transformers ranging from 20VA to 300 VA and can be found in various output voltages (5 to 30 Volts) to suit customer’s application. The leads and mounting features can be customized to meet specific customer requirements. In addition, we can design a brand-new transformer or adapt an existing one to meet any specific design requirement that our customer may have. Our Engineering and Samples department will guide customers to find an optimal solution to any specific need or requirement they may have. To learn more or get any questions answered regarding magnetic components contact us at or call 562-808-0800 today!