Z-Tronix Inc. Acquires Transformer Manufacturer, Paraline, & Its Assets

by | Aug 1, 2022

Z-Tronix Inc. Acquires Transformer Manufacturer, Paraline, & Its Assets

Since its establishment, Z-Tronix Inc. has been known for its effort to expand and seek for opportunities that in turn facilitate processes and increase offerings to our customers. Now more than ever, Z-Tronix abides to its initial pledge, and is pleased to inform everyone about the recent acquisition of transformer manufacturer, Paraline, its raw material, inventory and assets.

Z-Tronix Acquires Paraline Transformers
Paraline transformers product line

With the acquisition, Z-Tronix will not only be able to offer Paraline’s exclusive and extensive line of transformers but also continue to offer ‘off-the-shelf’ and custom magnetic products with acquired state-of-the-art automated and robotic equipment. Along with the material assets and inventory, the most valuable asset we acquired was the industry knowledge from a respectable transformer specialist, Paraline. This industry/technical knowledge will help to add-on and improve our Magnetic Components Division.

In addition, back in May 2022, we received UL recognition for our low frequency transformers, allowing us to offer further certified components for customers that may require it. So, if you are in need of quality, certified transformers and other magnetic components, do not hesitate in emailing us at info@z-tronix.com or calling our magnetic components experts and engineers at 562-808-0800 who are more than happy to explore with you our line of transformers and magnetic components that may be ideal for your project.

UL Recognized Magnetic Components