Z-Tronix as your next PCB manufacturer

Looking for an IPC-610, ISO 9001 and RoHS certified manufacturer to work alongside with in your next PCB Assembly project? 

Concurrently, do you want constant and effective back-and-forth customer service communication with people who know about PCBs like engineers 

Look no further, Z-Tronix is this, and a lot more, for its customers. Too, being the A–Z, one-stop-shop when it comes to PCB Assembly, wire harnesses, cable assemblies, power cords and more. 

Z-Tronix Capabilities 

Ranging from quick turn prototypes to turnkey and consignment options, we help you create from scratch. Furthermore, storing, shipping and managing inventory without you having to worry about virtually anything and concentrating in what matters.

At the start, depending whether you don’t have a prototype, we construct one to the exact configurations of your request.  

Within the soldering phase, depending on your needs, we house many different soldering metals. Harder and softer metals are used to meet your needs and produce PCB Assembly(ies) that will be durable and effective.

In addition to quality, our PCB assembly machines clock 15k components/hr producing boards up to 18.1×17.3in, and down to 2.0×2.0in. In addition, our capabilities include 0201 circuit boards which are found specifically in spaced-constraint electronics. Just like the rest, our 0201 PCB Assemblies are quality-tested to ensure every PCB Assembly manufactured is of quality. 

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In conclusion, if you are currently looking for a manufacturer, consider speaking with a Z-Tronix representative and/or engineer. Here at Z-Tronix our knowledgeable staff are excited to help you bring your project into life and answer your questions. Call, message or visit us today and speak with our customer service representatives to assist your project in the best way.