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Z-Tronix offers custom design and manufacturing of magnetic products, tailored specifically to your project’s configuration or requirements. Explore solutions for your project with a Z-Tronix custom magnetic components expert today.

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Z-Tronix Acquires Paraline Transformers

At Z-Tronix we are proud of our capability to deliver only high quality, value priced and quickly delivered, custom magnetic products such as transformers, inductors, chokes, magnetic cores and magnetic lighting drivers that exceed customer expectations. We certify ourselves that every customer will be highly satisfied with the quality level of our product and development and manufacturing processes. We pledge for constant communication with customers as well as presenting them prototypes and/or current models at each phase of the development process.

As a designer and manufacturer of magnetic products, our engineers have the capabilities to help you create something out of nothing as well as replicate a prototype you may already have.


During the development process, you’ll have the ability to customize your component as well as choosing from a wide range of configurations. We pride ourselves and take “working together with our customers” very seriously as we consider ourselves to be an extension of our customers’ business.

With over 35 years of experience, Z-Tronix Inc., a ISO 9001:2015 certified facility, can be your solution to all your custom magnetic product needs you may have. Call, message or visit us today to make your project a reality.

What can we do for you?



  • Low Frequency Transformers: UL Recognized 10-300 VA 120/240/277 Vin, 5-36V output, 25 Amps max
  • High Frequency Transformers (EE, EF, EFD, ETD, RM, EQ, ER, POT/CUT and more…)
  • Toroidal Transformers
  • Planar Transformers
  • Custom Inductors
  • Toroidal Power Inductors
  • Brick Type Power Inductors
  • Rod Inductors
  • Air coils
  • Toroidal Single Phase CMC’s Ferrite & Nanocrystalline
  • Toroidal Three Phase CMC’s Ferrite and Nanocrystalline
  • Multi Line Chokes
  • Custom Mode Chokes
  • Mega 1 and 3 Ø Common Mode Chokes
Magnetic Cores

    2000 < µi < 10000 



    30 000 <µi< 80000

    Round and Oval shapes 

Magnetic Lighting Drivers
  • Power Rating: FROM 20 VA UP TO 300 VA
  • Output Voltage: 12 Vac, 24 Vac, 12 Vdc, 24 Vdc, 12/24 Vac and 12/24 Vdc.
  • Input Voltage:
  • Single Input Voltage: 120,240 or 277 Vac
  • Dual Input Voltage: 120/240 Vac
  • Universal Input Voltage: 120/240/277 Vac

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Z-Tronix Inc. at the 2023 Del Mar Electronics & Manufacturing Show

Z-Tronix Inc. at the 2023 Del Mar Electronics & Manufacturing Show

As it is common every year, the Del Mar Electronics & Manufacturing Show (DMEMS) takes place during spring. It serves various function, one, a place for manufacturers to gather and build relationships with suppliers, and two, a place that assists attendees with...

“…in the few dealings with Z-Tronix I have found the experience very pleasant and easy. Communication has always been timely and description of products spot on. I will highly recommend Z-Tronix to everyone.”

Z-tronix customer in the painting equipment industry



How and what is accounted for in a quotation for magnetic product from Z-Tronix?

At Z-Tronix, the quotations for custom magnetic products include not only information regarding our products’ specs and other determinants, but also how they suit unique customer requirements. Additionally, we’ll also make recommendations regarding standard components that may be the perfect fit for your specific project demands. These suggestions will be based on: 

  • Customer’s requirements
  • Actual customer sample
  • Drawing or sketch
  • Estimated annual usage (EAU)  
  • Project life expectancy
  • Certification Requirements
    Is it possible to provide a prototype if I don't possess the specs for the magnetic product I'm looking for?

    If you have a prototype, physical or drawing, of the custom magnetic product configuration you desire, please contact our customer service representatives to inquire about sending the product to our samples department so they can dissect the drawing and or physical product and create a Bill of Materials. When completing a Request for Quote form, if possible, please attach any photos, as well as other related or useful information and details you may have about the devices it will power. 

    Do you offer inventory management for magnetic products?

    Looking to bring out the most of your inventory? Or perhaps avoiding foreseeable costs and storage issues is a priority? With Z-Tronix’s Vendor-Managed Inventory programs, all of this can be achieved!

    Over the past decades, Z-Tronix has become the dependable source for its customers when it comes inventory solutions due to cost-saving and conveniency. Z-Tronix has assisted countless companies from diverse sectors and industries. No matter how big or small, Z-Tronix can and will help you find the best VMI solution to fit your demands.

    Due to the vast industry experience and knowledge Z-Tronix has acquired over decades, the following Vendor-Managed Inventory programs have been strategically developed to assist our fellow customers specific and most common needs:

    ·         Periodic Inventory Usage Analysis

    ·         Inventory Consignment Program

    ·         Just In Time (JIT)

    ·         Min/Max Replenishment Program

    ·         KANBAN

    Call us today and speak with one of our representatives to learn more about what your needs are, and how Z-Tronix can assist you with Vendor–Managed Inventory Solutions.

    Does Z-Tronix have an order minimum for magnetic products?

    Yes, a $250 order minimum is applied regardless of quantity.

    Do Z-Tronix's magnetic products comply with Class B Insulation System (130 C), UL and CSA?

    Yes! As an industry leader, Z-Tronix is continuously complying with industry requirements for magnetic products as well as the rest of our productsnot only in the USA but internationally 

    I need my magnetic products rushed, what can I do?

    At Z-Tronix we know emergencies and/or supply chain demands can change at any given moment, in the case you need your custom wire harnesses rushed, please don’t hesitate in contacting our customer service department. Our business hours are Monday – Friday, 7:00 AM – 3:30 PM Pacific Standard Time. 

    In terms of magnetic products, what are Z-Tronix's manufacturing capabilities?

    If you need a custom magnetic products, Z-Tronix’s capabilities are virtually limitless. Z-Tronix’s capabilities go beyond any specific industry. In our extensive history we’ve managed to work and continue to work with: 

    • Automotive/Electric Vehicle Magnetic Products
    • Medical Magnetic Products
    • Appliances Magnetic Products
    • Battery Magnetic Products
    • Power Electronic Magnetic Products 
    • Lighting Magnetic Products
    • Fan, Blower and Motor Magnetic Products
    • HVAC Magnetic Products
    • Pool & Spa Magnetic Products
    • And Many More Industries…