Understanding Fusible Links

by | Mar 6, 2023

Fusible links, what exactly are they?

In the wire and cable industry, short wire with low voltage capabilities are commonly referred to as fusible links and serve as a fuse inside automotive wire harnesses. In the event of a short circuit, which are exorbitant and uncontrolled amounts of electrical currents passing through a circuit, the fusible links in an automotive wiring harness protects circuits. Insulated wire like these can be applied in situations where a vehicle’s fuse is not compatible.

Fusible links, how are they used at Z-Tronix?

At Z-Tronix Inc., fusible links are commonly used in manufactured harnesses and assemblies. Depending on the project specifications as well as application, different fusible links are sourced. The fusible links often come in different material depending on the application such as copper conductors and insulation. In addition to this, fusible links come in different gauges ranging from 22 to 8 gauges.

Fusible links, what are their function?

Fusible links can be used in the wire harnesses found in automotive applications as inline circuit fuses. These incorporate a novel circuit breaker that works independently of the fuse box of an automobile to shield bigger cables from the dangers of a short circuit. If a severe current surge were to occur, fusible links avoid fires. If such casualty was to transpire, the fusible links’ conductor(s) would disintegrate and any potential fire would be put out by the insulation of the fusible link. Regrettably, once it blows, new fusible links are required.