Boat, maritime and watercraft wires and cables are duo or tri-conductor cables that are organized in a nexttoeachother lined-up orientation and typically intended to serve the function of boat interior circuit wiring and cabling. Because of the exposure boat wires have to water and moist settings, the primary characteristics are its proof against water, as well as to elevated climatic and application temperatures of 105 degrees Celsius, very similar to automotive applications. Similarly, many automotive primary cables and wires can be used in boat, maritime and watercraft products. 

Image to display boat cable

The boat, maritime and watercraft wires and cables are typically manufactured using tin-dipped copper conductor resulting in a tolerance to wear and oxidation. As opposed to tin-dipped copper, non-tin-dipped copper corrodes faster, reducing its capacity to transport electricity. Not only does the tin process enhance the tolerance to settings where water is present, but also insulation of boat cables and wires are typically much more tough jackets of Polyvinyl Chloride material making them malleable and adaptable to maritime settings, satisfying Navy as well as American Boat Yacht Council (ABYC) requirements. 

Z-Tronix Inc. Custom Boat, Maritime and Watercraft Cable and Wire Solutions 

Clients that require boat, maritime or watercraft cables and wires that do not fall between the standards, hence not available in conventional boat industry cables and wires, are advised by Z-Tronix wire and cable experts to customize wires and cables to their application specifications. Speaking with Z-Tronix wire and cable experts will assist with the questions that may surge when custom creating the design, prototype(s), the manufacturing and testing of the cables for your boat applications. Call us at 562-808-0800 to order your boat, maritime and watercraft raw cables and wires as well as wire harnesses and cable assemblies today!