What are magnetic products?

In the industry, magnetic products is a term used to describe a greater group of components. In that group of products, you can find items such as transformers, inductors, chokes, magnetic cores, magnetic lighting drivers and more. Though, today we would like to specifically target and announce custom power transformers. 

What are power transformers?

The function of custom power transformers is to be the passive component that transfers energy from one circuit to another. That said, whenever there’s a current in a transformer’s coil, there’s a magnetic flux created inside the transformer’s main core. Subsequently, producing an electromotive force across nearby coils around the main transformer coil. Then, electrical energy is passed among distant coils without using metallic connections between circuits. 

Power transformer applications

These custom power transformers are typically used in settings such as electrical power generating and distributing stations. Basically, these can be found in ev charging stations or outside in street power lines, where electricity currents flow to houses.

Z-Tronix Custom Power Transformers

Today’s topic, 50-60 Hz Power Transformers can be typically found in smaller settings, incapsulated. At Z-Tronix, we are Class B, IPC, ISO 9001, CSA and UL certified. In addition, we have the capabilities and engineers to create quality filled, value centric and versatile custom power transformers. Along with this, we have capabilities of single, double, double center Tap, multitap and custom lead configuration circuits. Too, we have the ability to create custom fastening hardware such as, mounting plates, metal frames, mounting and L-styled brackets. Our custom power transformers are Recognized Components by UL and have power ratings of 10-300 VA (up to 1200 VA upon request). 

  • Power Rating: 10 TO 300 VA (Higher VA up to 1200 VA rating available upon request) 
  • Output Voltage: From 5 to 277 Vac (Higher output voltages available upon request) 
  • Input Voltage (VAC): 120,240, 277, 120/240 and 120/240/277, 50/60 Hz 
  • Input Leads configuration: Boost Tap, 120/240, Universal (120/240/277) 
  • Output configuration: Single circuit, Double circuit, Double circuit center Tap, Multitap and custom lead configuration 
  • Custom Fastening Hardware: Mounting plate, Metal Frame + mounting plate, L Bracket and mounting brackets. 

Call, message or visit us today and explore our custom designing, prototyping, manufacturing and testing of various magnetic products with Z-Tronix engineers today!